What We Are Working On

Plastic Pollution: Think Global, Act Local.


Amount of plastic humans eat during their lifetime.

10 million

Tons of plastic dumped into our oceans every year.


Percent of plastics currently being recycled.

Local Actions to Inspire Global Change

The Economic Problem

The Bocas Del Toro community currently pays $1.50+ per bag of rubbish to be removed from their property. With a minimum wage being just over $2/hour, a large majority of the locals cannot afford this service. Rubbish is understandably burnt or thrown directly into the environment.

Wasteless World Solution

We pay locals for their plastic waste and turn it into a valuable product. We provide sustainable employment to the local community, fund community projects, and focus on environmental education and conservation with the younger generation.

The Environmental Problem

Beyond the well documented devastation to marine life that plastic pollution causes, trees are also being illegally cut down for building materials, some specific hardwood types almost to extinction. Rainforest cut lumber is often trucked in and then shipped to the island from long haul at a great carbon cost.

Wasteless World Solution

We collect and accept all plastic resources on the island. We then sort, clean, and process the plastics into a resource we can supply as local lumber with a negligible carbon cost.

100% of your donation helps clean Bocas Del Toro.

The first promise we made is a promise we still keep today: 100% of all public donations goes directly to the local community. Transparency is one of our core values, so every penny you donate to funds one of the Wasteless World projects.