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Wasteless World is dedicated to fostering a more connected, regenerative, and mindful society by addressing critical environmental issues through innovative community-led solutions. Our mission is to reduce waste, enhance community living, and promote a healthier relationship between humans and the environment. By tackling challenges like poor waste management and invasive species, and by advocating for permaculture and holistic living, we aim to inspire a global shift towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

What We Do
  • Addressing Immediate Environmental Challenges: Tackling plastic pollution and invasive species to protect and restore natural ecosystems.
  • Community Empowerment: Bringing people together to collaborate on sustainable projects, such as recycling centers and plastic lumber production, fostering a sense of shared purpose and community.
  • Education and Awareness: Providing the necessary education and resources to inspire and inform global communities about sustainable living practices.
  • Building Sustainable Sanctuaries: Creating off-grid permaculture sanctuaries that serve as educational and healing spaces, demonstrating sustainable living and regenerative farming practices.
  • Global Outreach: Expanding the movement by establishing similar hubs worldwide and offering free online resources to make sustainable living accessible to all.


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Our mission is rooted in reconnecting people with themselves, their communities, and nature. We believe that many of today's challenges stem from the illusion of separation. Restoring these connections is key to our collective salvation.



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Education lights the path to a brighter future, empowering minds to build a world of endless possibilities. The salvation of mankind hinges on an education that nurtures love, kindness, and moral growth, steering us toward a more compassionate and enlightened future.



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Think global, act local! We aim to arm you with the right tools, inspiration, and know-how, to become a Wasteless Warrior, pioneering a sustainable future for your community. If enough people do this we will change the world!

Our Vision

Wasteless World envisions a future where communities thrive in harmony with nature, leading by example to create a global movement towards sustainability and mindful living. Through collective action, innovation, and a deep respect for the planet, we aim to leave a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Drawing from our journey, we're crafting a bold strategy to revolutionize waste management in Bocas and worldwide. By offering free, valuable, and engaging educational content across our media channels, we're empowering change-makers everywhere. Armed with the right tools, inspiration, and know-how, anyone can become a Wasteless Warrior, pioneering a sustainable future for their community.

Our founder Tom, is in the process of developing an educational podcast that we aim to have inspiring the soundwaves by the end of April. Setting this up properly requires time, planning, and funds, at this stage, he is funding it himself and doing the research and development in his spare time. One way you can help him get valuable Wasteless laughs to your ears sooner is by becoming a patreon, so he can afford to spend less time at his day job and more time doing what he loves, sharing, and caring.

Help us achieve our vision!

Our Values
  • Sustainability: Prioritizing long-term ecological balance and mindful resource use.
  • Community Leadership: Empowering local communities to take action and lead by example.
  • Inclusiveness: Creating an open environment where everyone is welcome and valued.
  • Innovation: Finding creative and effective solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Compassion: Showing empathy towards the planet and all its inhabitants.
  • Honesty: Maintaining transparency in actions and intentions.
  • Respect: Treating all life and the environment with the utmost regard and consideration.
  • Determination: Anything worth doing is worth working hard for. "Let out love blaze a trail through the world's darkness, igniting hope wherever it touches."
Our History

2019 - Information-based website built to educate and inspire mindful solutions to waste.

2020 - Amid global lockdowns, our founder Tom was in Panama and unveiled a groundbreaking solution to tackle plastic pollution in underdeveloped and remote areas, aligning with the circular economy principles. Inspired by this vision, a passionate group from Bocas del Toro invited Tom to spearhead the initiative, birthing Wasteless World's impactful journey in the community.

2021 - With our Wasteless Warriors team, we partnered with local entities to open Bocas del Toro's inaugural recycling center, introducing recycling bins, collection systems, and educational programs. These efforts aimed to reshape attitudes toward waste and protect our environment.

June 2021 - The Lionfish Project emerged from the innovative minds within the Wasteless World team, driven by their expertise. They devised an effective strategy to combat the invasive Lionfish threatening the marine ecosystem around Bocas del Toro.

2022 - Once the recycling center became self-sufficient, we advanced our vision of converting post-consumer plastic into plastic lumber. This innovation not only created jobs and reduced landfill waste but also supported Wasteless World's mission to enhance waste management infrastructure and education in Bocas del Toro. Serving as a model for similar communities worldwide.

Sep 17th 2022 - A devastating fire at 3 am engulfed our factory, erasing the hard work of our team and community. This tragic event was a significant blow to Wasteless World and the wider community. In response, we redirected our remaining energy and resources to sustain the Lionfish project, supporting both the community and our overarching mission, while we reevaluated our finances and strategized our next steps.

2023 - The fire tested Wasteless World on all fronts. Yet, with the resilience from lionfish jewelry sales and founder donations, we're bouncing back. This intense experience, though it downsized our team, has fortified our determination to press on, teaching us invaluable lessons along the way.

2024 - Our website's revival was fueled by the incredible support of our dedicated Patreon community. We're excited to demonstrate to everyone who shares our vision of a life enriched with more joy, more love, and less waste, that TOGETHER WE CAN, indeed forge a Wasteless World.


Tom Wright

Founder & CEO

Emilio Acin

Managing Director
Our Directors

Like chalk and cheese, these two men were meant to meet, with a shared drive to help society reconnect to mother nature, their determination to create a positive impact on the world has been the driving force behind the Wasteless World movement.